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POWER-BEND PRO - 3 Axes CNC Press Brake
POWER-BEND PRO - 3 Axes CNC Press Brake
POWER-BEND PRO - 3 Axes CNC Press Brake

POWER-BEND PRO - 3 Axes CNC Press Brake

Stronger, faster and deeper bendings; Power-Bend Pro Series press bends allows you to work on full capacity and eliminates lost time on production.

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Stronger, faster and deeper bendings;

Power-Bend Pro Series press bends allows you to work on full capacity and eliminates lost time on production.

Power-Bend Series machines redesigned based on users preferences and it became unique machine with its electronic and mechanical features.

Power-Bend Pro Series is among the highest rated machines which will help you increase your productivity and keep cost at minimum level with its user friendly CNC controller and low cost hydrolic maintenance.

New Power-Bend Pro is exactly what you need for your production needs where complicated,  sensitive, single or multiple bendings on high speed is needed. 

Impressive bending solution
Equipment alternatives can be upgraded on Power-Bend Pro Series upon request. Thus, increased productivity is achieved while bending.

Customer benefits

  • Perfect configuratıon and economic solution for your precise bending works.
  • Absolute result for deep and full-sized bendings.
  • DNC600S, 9,4” 2D graphic screen with high resolution.
  • Permanent precision with crowning equipment.
  • 1 axes (X) motorized back gauge.
  • Manual crowning.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
  • Easy installation and training.
High Free Falling Speed
High Bending Speed
High Returning Speed
General Features
  • Crome covered cylinders are machined with 0.001 mm precision and pistons are specially stiffened.
  • Original clampings are user friendly and machined with high precision.
  • Front support arms are slideable along machine lenght and easy to adjust.
  • Compact and world wide recognized HOERBIEGER hydrolics are produced according to CE standards.
  • Two photocells on sides for rear guard.
  • Fast tool tightening.
  • Optic linear scales are sensitive up to 0.001 mm.
  • Easy to use controller is freely movable along the machine and convenient for all.
  • Syncronized working cylinders will give you the best bending result with its perfect repeatability ratio.
  • 2 axis ultra strong back gauging system (X=800 and R), with 0.01 mm repeatability, moves along rails and ball screw, bending lenght controlled by CNC controller, foldable back gauge fingers for reverse bending applications.
  • Multifunctional and high programable, 2D CYBELEC DNC 600 CNC controller.
  • SIEMENS electrical system.
  • Automatic axis referencing when machine is turned on.
  • Side guards are standartized according to CE standards.
Your solution for best bending results....
Impressive bending solutions;
  • Perfect configuration for sensitive bending and economic solution.
  • Precise result for long and deep bending.
  • Continous sensitiviy with crowning system.
  • Long lasting rigit body is also suitable for heavy duty applications.
  • Installation and training provided, easy maintenance.

You can bend longer and deeper parts at maximum repeatability with standard Power-Bend Pro machines.


  • Height adjustable and movable sliding front support arms.
  • Top and bottom tools are surface hardened by special treatment.
  • Promecan easy clamping system.
  • CYEBEL DNC 600S controller with PC1200 2D software.
  • CNC controlled strong X=800mm back gauge.
  • 410 mm throath depth.
  • 2 pieces back gauge fingers.
  • Scales in metric and inches.
  • Crownin system in bottom beam (3100/…/4100-260 and 3100/…/4100-320 manuel crowning and above 3100-400 tn) machines standard.
  • Foot pedal is produced according to CE standarts and suitable for single and multiple bendings.
  • 2 photocells are placed facing each other for rear and side guards.
  • Covers for cylinders and top beam.
  • Preadjusted electrical requirements based on customer’s geographical area.
  • Electrical panel and / or controller can be mounted on right side of machine upon customer request.
  • Adjustable sliding front support arms.


  • Special stroke and throat depth gives extra advantages for deep bendings.
  • ER 70 controller (up to 5 axis).
  • ER90 controller (3D touch screen).
  • Special back gauge fingers can be added on optional backgauge stroke.
  • Motorized crowning system.
  • Hyrdolic oil heating and cooling.
  • Custom made table width and bottom tool V openings.
  • Optional top and bottom tools in different lenght.
  • Specail tools for box and pole bendings.
  • Laser front supoprt options.
  • WILA top clampings and bottom tool holders.
  • Rol 1 and Rol 5 quick promecam release.
  • Special parking units for front support arms.
  • Tooling cabinet mounted to side of the machine to keep your tools clean and easily reachable.
  • Automatic sliding system is lubricated automatically which is highly recommended for long lasting.
  • U type special bottom tools for bending thich materials.
  • Additonal fron support arms to prevent vawes on thin materials.
  • Custom made machines upon customer special parameters.
  • AP3 / AP4 front sheet support arms.
  • Tool storing cabinet.




Ease of use:

  • High resolution 9,4” 2D graphic display.
  • Easy set up and use that meets operator's needs.
  • Rapid data input with the ergonomic keyboard with large keys.
  • 2D graphic representation of the part.

User friendly:

  • Programming all the parts in a single page.
  • Easy installation and training.
  • Contextual help and warning pop-ups.
  • 99 repeatable bending.
  • Library of 50 upper and lower tools.
  • Accurate ram positioning by closed loop control of speed, pressure and parallelism.
  • Back up facility of the programs, tool library and machine parameters with the standard
  • Cybelec backup software.
  • Communication with the machine by full-blown graphical programming at the office environment with the standard PC 1200 2D software (offline software).

First part, good part:

  • Easy adjustment with precision by simple access to the machine parameters.
  • Consecutive program operating feature for high numbers of bend sequence.
  • Inputting the angle and bend corrections directly on the controller.


  • All basic functions.
  • CE safety management.
  • Easy communication.
  • More than 20 language options.
  • Robust and ergonomic design.



  • High performance user friendly CNC
  • controller is offered at affordable price.
  • 2D graphical bending simulation.
  • 2D graphical part drawing.
  • 2D graphical manuel crash control.
  • Automatic bending calculations for inner and outer parameters.
  • Automatic X and R axis calculating for bending steps and part dimensions.
  • Bending skip or bending change.
  • Automatic calculations of bent parts.
  • Automatic positioning for Y1 and Y2 upon sample part degree.
  • Automatic strok or inside radius calculating.
  • Screen dimensions: 10,4 TFT single colour.
  • Memory: 64 MB.
  • Memory for end users. Min 2 MB, approximately
  • 1000 programs.
  • Programming feature for up to 99 steps.
  • Maximum 99 steps for single program.
  • Y1, Y2, X, R, (Max 4 axis).
  • Tooling and V DIE memory 30/60.
  • USB back up available for lost info.
  • Additional 2 USB ports for your keybord or mouse.
  • Ehternet sample piece transfer.
  • Offline 2D part programming. 



  • Windows-style operating system.
  • 2D and 3D programming.
  • 3-D drawing feature.
  • 2D DXF import feature.
  • Automatic bending sequence search and collision control.
  • 17" LCD touch-screen that facilitates sights of machine body, mould, back gauge, side protection guards, and components.
  • Changeable color display unit (buttons, machine color, background color, color patterns, the background).
  • Multi-functional alpha numeric keyboard.
  • External attachment possibility of keyboard and mouse.
  • Angle measurement and control through
  • IMG 100 system.
  • Enabling tandem type operational application.
  • Dynamic crowning.
  • Remote access.
  • Application of digital protractor.
  • Motorized front-support system.
  • Configuration that can be made up to 16 axes.
  • Error message display.
  • Inch / mm, t / ustons unit alterations.
  • ERMAK CAD/CAM Bending Simulation Software:For ERMAKSAN press brakes CAD / CAM sheet metal bending simulation. ER90 PC (Windows98SE / ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP).
  • Language options: Turkish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese.